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Step 1: Logs

Use logs that are dry and solid, not deteriorating.

Step 2: Slice

Using a power or hand mitre box, slice the log into ¼” thick slices.

Step 3: Smaller Logs

Smaller log slices (1-2 inch diameter) make great jewelry pendants, ornaments and game pieces. Larger log slices (3-4 inch diameter) are perfect for coasters and ornaments.

Step 4: Embellish

Embellish your logs creatively. Try wood burning, decoupage, paint, ink stamping, etc.

Step 5: Hanger

To create a hanger, drill a small pilot hole and add a screw eye

Step 6: Hang

Repurpose old necklace chain, or use leather, yarn, ribbon or natural twine to hang.

Step 7: Coasters

For the coasters, add self-adhesive felt or cork pads to prevent scratching.

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