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Step 1: Bowls

Grab two plastic bowls, one slightly smaller than the other.

Step 2: Mix

Mix up enough cement mix to fill your form. You want your mix to be about the same consistency as cookie dough.

Step 3: Spray

Spray your bowls with nonstick cooking spray to make for easy removal once cured.

Step 4: Add Mix

Add a layer of mix to the bottom of your form, about an inch thick.

Step 5: Place Smaller Bowl

Place your smaller bowl on top and continue filling in around the form with additional mix.

Step 6: Smooth

Once you have formed and smoothed, and the mix retains its form, remove the smaller bowl.

Step 7: Pipe

Insert a dowel or pipe to create a drainage hole. (spray with nonstick spray)

Step 8: Cure

Once cured, remove from the form.

Step 9: Embellish

You can paint, stain or leave natural. Don’t be afraid to experiment with embedding other objects into the mix for additional interest.

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