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Step 1: Shape

Think big and exaggerated and trace out a shape on your window screen.

Step 2: Cut Out

You need two pieces of your shape, so double up your window screen and cut it out using heavy-duty shears.

Step 3: Stitch

Stitch your two pieces together using wire and a whipstitch, or connect quickly with c rings and a hog ring stapler.

Step 4: Wrinkle

Once panels are together, you want to wrinkle, squish, and puff up your shape to give it dimension.

Step 5: Paint

Add some paint for color. Can use artist acrylics or spray paints, or a combination of the two.

Step 6: Add On

You can even build off of the design with the addition of other shapes.

Step 7: Add Hanger

Add a wire hanger on the backside and you’re ready to hang. Looks great indoors or out.

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