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    Reclaimed Wood Tile Floor

    Cobblewood style floors have been around for a very LONG time. You would see them used in factory floors and bridges because the application is actually very durable. When you cut your wood on the end grain you are giving yourself the strongest tiles you can in wood. It's very inexpensive to do yourself and it's a relatively simple process that is quite fun and rewarding. The most time intensive part of the project is cutting the tiles and then in turn touching each tile again in order to round over the edges. It's a BEAUTIFUL floor for any room!


    Step 1

    Sample Boards

    Step 2

    Your Source

    Step 3

    Cut Tiles

    Step 4

    Round over...

    Step 5

    Count and Box...

    Step 6

    Laying the...

    Step 7

    Press Firm

    Step 8

    Cutting to size

    Step 9

    Cure and Seal

    Step 10

    Prepare Grout

    Step 11


    Step 12

    Let dry

    Step 13


    Step 14

    Tip for broken...

    Step 15

    Primer Seal

    Step 16

    Final Sealer

    Step 17


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