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    Wild Backyard Harvest

    It is common to take advantage of wild greens in the spring while they are young and tender. Our harvest took place the latter part of April-early May. Careful foraging is an adventurous way to add variety to your diet and to learn more about what nature so graciously provides for us. You will be surprised at just how many wild edibles could be growing right in your own backyard. Always do your homework and harvest and prepare properly. Wild plants were once critical to the survival of Native Americans and Pioneers for food, medicine and ceremony and continue to be of healthy use today for all those interested in their different nutritional benefits. Seek out all that there is to learn and share it with others. And remember...if ever in not eat. As with any natural product, wild edibles can cause allergic reactions in some and be toxic if misused.


    Bristly Greenbrier

    Solomon's Seal

    Wahoo (Burning Bush) *note...You will see a lot of non-edible lists that have Burning Bush on them, specifically relating to their flowers, seeds and raw leaves...please note that we harvested the young, tender leaves in the spring and they were cooked before eaten. Ernie's family has been eating these wild edibles for years and shared it accordingly. Always use your discretion or substitute any of the other more common wild edibles.

    Maple Seeds (helicopters)

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    Pick young...

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    Solomons Seal

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    Harvest Young...

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    Maple Seeds

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    Burning Bush...

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