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    Puk Jup Dish by Ernie

    Ernie Baccam joins us to share one of his family's favorite, easy to prepare warm salad dishes that makes delicious use of a variety of Wild Greens. It's called Puk Jup in Ernie's native Laos which means "Vegetable Blend".


    Wild Greens:

    beyen (solomons seal) --couple generous handfuls

    nam boubay (bristly greenbrier) -- couple generous handfuls

    burning bush (young tender leaves-early spring) -- generous handful **see disclaimer below
    (can substitute other wild greens like dandelion greens, clover, young nettle leaves, etc)

    young, tender green maple seeds -- couple generous handfuls


    sesame seeds -- about half a cup raw sesame seeds

    galangal (an inch -sliced and chopped, peel and all)

    ginger (an inch - sliced and chopped, peel and all)

    garlic (one clove - chopped)

    thai peppers (one - chopped, seeds and all) adjust for spice level.

    shallots (one - chopped)

    green onions


    mortar & pestle

    **Ernie brought with him the young, tender top leaves off the burning bush plants growing wild in his brother's yard. You will see a lot of non-edible lists that have Burning Bush on them warning people not to eat, so always use your discretion or substitute any of the other more common wild edibles. Note that we harvested the young, upper tender leaves very early in the spring, combined a sensible portion with other greens and they were cooked before eaten. It's also important to note that Ernie's family has been eating these wild edibles for years and shared their recipe accordingly.

    Step 1

    Prep Greens

    Step 2

    Toast Sesame...

    Step 3


    Step 4


    Step 5

    Mortar and...

    Step 6

    Start Cooking

    Step 7

    Adding Greens

    Step 8


    Step 9

    Stir in...

    Step 10

    Toss Thoroughly

    Step 11

    Serve and ENJOY

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