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Step 1: Gather

You can use family portraits, eclectic paintings; vintage portraits are generally already kind of eerie as is. You can even have a bit of fun with animal faces.

Step 2: Get Sticky

All additions can be added directly to your painting or print by using an assortment of reusable, re-positionable adhesives that can easily be removed after the holidays.

Step 3: Lashes

One place I like to always start is with some dramatic, costume lashes to set off the eyes. Buttons or doll making supplies like toy animal eyes are also good additions.

Step 4: Hats

You can easily create hats and masks using decorative papers and fabrics.

Step 5: Embellish

Other embellishments include black flowers, bats or butterflies.

Step 6: Hang

Finish off with some black webbing and then hang. Crooked of course. Just by simply setting some of your pictures off kilter creates kind of a creepy vibe.

Step 7: Creepy

Another easy alternative is to just group together pictures or paintings of creatures you find a bit eerie all on their own like wolves, owls, and rams. And if you’re lucky enough to score an animal mount, things will REALLY stick out.

Step 8: Themes

Prints of abandoned buildings is another theme to build on.

Step 9: Enjoy

A spooky portrait wall is another one of my favorites for Halloween/ I never tire of it year after year and it makes resourceful use of the things I’m already decorating with the rest of the year.

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