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Step 1: Get Vegetables

Families buy a share in the farm. They will then be able to visit once a week and pick a basket of vegetables to take home to cook.

Step 2: Classes

C.S.A.'s offer a variety of classes including cooking, nutrition, and fitness classes.

Step 3: Cooking at Home

There is such a wide variety of vegetables it is important to know what to do with them when people take them home. The cooking classes educate families on how to prepare and match unfamiliar vegetables in meals. The classes also teach families how to freeze and store vegetables to cook over the winter.

Step 4: Family

Encourage the whole family to become part of the farm experience. Take the kids to the farm to let them see how the plants are grown and where the produce is coming from. You want the C.S.A. to be interactive. This helps children become more appreciative of how things are grown and what goes into gardening.

Step 5: Finding a C.S.A.

When searching out a C.S.A., be sure to visit the farm and see how the vegetables are grown and harvested. The C.S.A. should be a learning experience, teaching the whole community about gardening, preventive medicine, what to eat and what not to eat. Be sure you connect with the C.S.A. leader and the classes fit your schedule.

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