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    Designer Style Leather Stockin

    Make your mantle look like a New York Runway with these high fashion leather stockings. note**If you are repurposing a leather coat or using a thinner material, you may be able to simply stitch together using your sewing machine. If using a tanned or upholstery leather, you’ll want to stitch by hand.


  • sides of leather or old leather/vinyl coats

  • pattern (print here)

  • cardboard

  • heavy duty shears

  • waxed thread

  • leather stitching needle

  • awl

  • dyes or finishes if working with unfinished or natural leather

  • embellishments: rivets, tags, etc..

  • grooving tool or straight edge

  • spacing tool

  • Step 1

    Print Pattern...

    Step 2

    Flip and Cut

    Step 3

    Dye Leather

    Step 4


    Step 5

    Groove and...

    Step 6

    Punch Holes

    Step 7


    Step 8

    Cut Hanger

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