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    Foraging - Getting Started

    Foraging can be an incredibly rewarding activity. Use common sense, exercise moderation and follow these general guidelines: Know what you're picking. Positive identification is important. Research what parts of the plant to use; best times for harvest; and different ways to prepare. Be familiar with the areas you're foraging. Ask permission when applicable and avoid areas that are off limits or that have been sprayed with chemicals. Don't over-harvest or strip an area of a plant. Be respectful by just harvesting what you're going to use and always leave plenty behind for wildlife and future harvests. Share what you learn with others.


    Plant Identification Books and other Foraging Reads:

    The Wild Food Trail Guide.
    (Recommended Read by Andy)

    Euell Gibbons.

    Abundantly Wild by Teresa Marrone.
    (One of Michele's go-to books for foraging in the Midwest - Great Recipes to try!)

    Other Online Resources:

    Andy's Facebook Group.

    Green Deane.

    Forager's Harvest.

    Wildman Steve Brill.

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