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    Sumac Berry Beverage

    Smooth and Staghorn Sumac are of the most common species of Rhus. To tell them apart, the Staghorn Sumac has hairy stems and leafstalks and the clusters are tighter and neater in appearance; the Smooth Sumac has more irregular clusters and its' stems and leafstalks are free of hair. The sumacs are related to the Cashew family, so take into consideration if you have any such allergies. The most commonly eaten parts of the Sumac plants are the ripe red berries. They can be enjoyed raw or dried, and are most popular when used to create a tart, 'lemon-like' beverage. The liquid could also be used in a jelly recipe.


    Sumac Berries (Various Rhus species) like Staghorn, Smooth and Winged Sumac. A very commonly found shrub

    (Not to be confused with Poison Sumac - which is not very common, has drooping white berries, and sparser, more open leaves.)
    Edible Sumac

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