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    Cement Block Patio Furniture

    Create inexpensive, long-lasting outdoor patio furniture out of cement blocks that you can find at any home improvement store. Quick and easy to build (just takes a bit of muscle to move the blocks around) We built a patio set that consisted of a sofa, two chairs and a coffee table/fire pit for a total of $150.00. That is a magnificent price for a long lasting outdoor furniture SET!


    Cement Blocks
    (A combination of Full Blocks with raw ends, Full Blocks with Finished Ends, and Half Blocks)

    For the Concrete sofa, you'll need:
    25 Full/Raw
    14 Full/Finished
    8 Half

    Prior Blog Post to visit here:
    DIY Sofa That Will Last a Lifetime.

    Step 1

    Gather Blocks...

    Step 2

    Start Building

    Step 3

    Layer 2

    Step 4

    Arms and Back

    Step 5

    Finish with...

    Step 6

    Add Cushions

    Step 7

    Chair Option

    Step 8

    Finished Chair

    Step 9

    Coffee Table/...

    Step 10

    Tables and...

    Step 11

    Another Look

    Step 12

    And One more...

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