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Step 1: Forms

We built forms out of melamine and used scraps of foam insulation that we irregularly sanded on one side to create the raw stone looking edge on the finished tabletop. Our finished tabletop size for this particular space was 22"x16". The install required that we be able to secure table into a wall stud, so that factor was taken into consideration with the design specs. If you will be setting yours atop a traditional base/four standard legs instead of two angled wall supports, you need not worry about that.

Step 2: Finished Forms

A layer of chicken wire was attached to the bottom of mold for reinforcement in the cement mix. The sides of the form will be removed and the bottom of the form will be part of the finished table.

Step 3: Fill forms with cement mix

Fill forms with cement mix and level/trowel. As the mix starts to cure, make natural impressions in the top with various branches.

Step 4: Remove Forms

Once cement mix is set up (24 hours), remove forms and allow to thoroughly cure a few more days. Sand any rough edges and seal with a clear wax or preferred sealer. Ours were wall mounted into the wall stud and then further supported using two larger pieces of driftwood for angled base supports.

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