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Step 1: Cut to Size and Mark Center

Finish off each board by sanding edges or rounding them over with a trim router and using desired sealer -- we used shellac. Find center on each board by marking an X on the backside.

Step 2: Drill Holes

Drill center hole in all boards.

Step 3: Recess Bottom and Stack

Using larger wood scrap for bottom of lamp, hollow out an area for your threaded pipe/washer and nut to sit flush and a narrow channel for your cord. This will allow your lamp to sit level. You're ready to start stacking over your threaded pipe. We used a total of 19 boards for this particular lamp. Turn and style boards as desired.

Step 4: Conduit over Remaining Rod

There will be a portion of the threaded rod still exposed. You need to leave room between the base and the socket/lamp shade, so don't stack your boards all the way to the end of the rod. Cover the threaded rod with your conduit that's cut to 5 1/2" long and wire.

Step 5: Finished Lamp

Add felt pads to the bottom and top off with a shade. We snazzed up our old shade with an assortment of leftover trims.

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