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Step 1: Opened Up Wall

Above where the bed will sit, we opened up the wall to create some inset shelving for the headboard.

Step 2: Filled Hole with Shelving

Using more reclaimed lumber, we built shelving to fit the open space in the wall and trimmed it out.

Step 3: Sliding Doors

To close off the shelving, we created sliding doors that will also serve as the headboard to the bed. The back to our door measures 30" x 24 3/4". You can use 1/2" plywood or mdf. We then arranged our scraps of lumber on top, cutting to size, as needed. Scraps were secured with wood glue and nails.

Step 4: Frame out Door with Trim

The doors were then framed out with additional scraps of trim.

Step 5: Barn Door Rollers

We then installed a barn door style track mechanism. Parts of this were customized by us (cut steel/patio door wheels/steel bar for track) in order to accommodate the limited space we were working with between wall and ceiling, but there are several storebought options at home improvement stores that are also easy to install. Account for the type of sliding door mechanism you'll be using before you design your doors to accommodate the distance and space required for hanging. Sliding doors are such space savers and they really enable you to be more creative with the materials that you use for doors.

Step 6: Double Duty Headboard/Storage

You have the decorative headboard look with the closed doors but you can open things up for handy above bed storage. Looks great both ways!

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