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Step 1: Draw Out Your Wells

Measure out the board with a ruler and pencil to mark where your 14 evenly spaced carved wells will go. You will need two wells crosswise the full width of the board at each end and 12 wells lengthwise (six on each side) in between the crosswise wells at each end.

Step 2: Create Stopper

Create a stop for your board by nailing down or clamping a small piece of scrap board for resistance as you carve.

Step 3: Start Carving

Using a sharp carving tool, begin to carve out the wells. Each well should measure 1/2 inch deep. The wells should slope down to the bottom to make moving and shifting the rocks smooth and easy. Turn your board back and forth so you are carving at each end of the well. Continue carving until the well is as smoothly shaped as possible.

Step 4: Sand Using Rotary Tool

After you have finished with your carving, use a rotary tool with a sanding wheel to remove any splinters and to finish off the edges, or you may also use a sanding block or a piece of sandpaper. You will do this to all 14 wells on the board.

Step 5: Seal

Finish off the board with a couple of coats of shellac or other desired sealer.

Step 6: Play!

Use 48 small stones as game pieces, look for stones that are the right size to fit in each well as well as easy to pick up. Place 4 small stones in each of the 12 wells that are going lengthwise and let the games begin!

Step 7: Playful Idea

Leave the board out on a table and fill it with sticks that have been cut in different lengths, shapes and sizes. Fill each well with a good variety of sticks and stones. Lay out a couple pieces of ceramic tiles or small flat boards to work on. Now watch the creative process take over to see what can be made with all those little pieces. It's fun for both kids and adults.

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