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Step 1: Jar Candles

Fill glass jars halfway with sand and add a candle. When not in use, top off with lid to keep the occasional rain from putting a damper on your night lighting when needed.

Step 2: Repurposed Xmas Lights

Pull out some of those christmas light strands that just stay packed away most of the year and tailor them for your outdoor entertaining area. They can be dressed up with artificial floral petals or you can create a funkier look by cutting small circles of aluminum window screen to fit over the larger c-7/c-9 style bulbs. Wrinkle and shape to create a fluffy, floral look. Add color by dipping mesh in paint. (A majority of your Christmas Tree lighting is for indoor use only, so just be conscientious of where you place to protect it from the rain when it occurs or stick with dressing up your strands that are suitable for outdoor use.)

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